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Terre Rouge
(Story will open in a new window) In Cambodia, where nearly everything is for sale, land is bought and sold with little regard for the people who live on it. The number of evictions and land grabs in the countryside has dramatically increased over the last five years, leaving thousands of people without means of subsistence.
Khmer Boxing
(Story will open in a new window) It was born in the deepest of Khmer history, engraved in the stone of Angkor. Its violence comes as a counterpoint to the softness of its inhabitants' gestures and the gentleness in their eyes. It's reminiscent of the dazzling brutality which can be accumulated by restraint. Insecurity pushes further the limits of physical pain, thus poor countries (Cuba, Angola) or socially deprived (the Bronx, Les Minguettes) produce good fighters. Cambodia is no exception.